2019: ‘Voices from the Tower’ Festival

    August 10–26
    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    66 East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)

    Our 2019 Festival celebrated the powerful presence, contributions, and leadership of women in opera from its very origins.  To booken this story, we offered Francesca Caccini’s 1625 opera La liberazione di Ruggiero, the first opera by a woman, and the premiere of the newest: Princess Maleine, by composer Whitney George and librettist Bea (Brittany) Goodwin.  Rounding out the repertory season were “Scenes from the Tower” (featuring Cendrillon by Pauline Viardot, and extended excerpts from Mary, Queen of Scots by Thea Musgrave, and Mrs. President, by Victoria Bond), and a song recital entitled “Les Boulangers” (with repertoire by Lili and Nadia Boulanger, Alma Mahler, Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, as well as premieres by Martha Sullivan, Ellen Mandel, and Barrett Cobb.  The festival comprised a total of 14 repertoire performances as part of “Summer Shares at LaMama.”

    La liberazione di Ruggiero

    August 10, 15, 17 and 23 at 7:30 pm, and August 11 and 25 at 2:00 pm

    Sarah Young, Stage Director
    Charles Weaver, Conductor and Music Director

    Show Cast List

    August 10, 15, 25mAugust 11m, 17, 23
    RuggieroMarkel ReedNobuki Momma
    AlcinaHeather JonesMerav Eldan
    MelissaIlanna StarrStephanie Feigenbaum
    NettunoConnor LidellBrian Alvarado
    PastoreCory GrossChristopher Fotis
    SirenaRobin CliffordAlessandra Altieri
    Una dama disincantataHeather BobeckRebecca Richardson
    NunziaClara LisleMicaela Aldridge
    AstolfoTyler DobiesTyler Dobies

    Princess Maleine

    August 16, 20, 22 and 24 at 7:30 pm and August 18 at 2:00 pm

    Bea Goodwin, Stage Director
    Chris Fecteau and Whitney George, Conductor and Music Director



    Video excerpt:

    Maleine Trailer Clip – The Pie Aria from Karen Rich on Vimeo.

    Show Cast List

    August 16, 18m, 20, 22, 24Cover Cast
    Princess Maleine of HarlingenElyse KakacekAddie Rose Forstman
    Prince Hjalmar of YsselmondeJeremy BraunerGeddy Warner
    King Hjalmar of YsselmondeEric LindseyRick Agster
    Queen AnneLucas BoukLisa Faieta
    Aleta, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess MaleineNicholle Bittlingmeyer
    The FoolJeffrey MandelbaumJeffrey Freuler
    Petit Allan, son of Queen AnneMegan VanacoreMelyn Saenz
    Vanox, a guard of Marcellus' realmGabriel Hernandez
    Stephano, a guard of Marcellus' realmConnor LidellShane Brown
    Angus, Prince Hjalmar's lieutenantShane BrownConnor Lidell
    Queen Godelive of HarlingenKristina MalinauskaiteAnna Woiwood
    King Marcellus of HarlingenJonathan Harris
    Princess Ursula of JutlandMaKayla McDonaldMelyn Saenz

    Scenes from the Tower

    August 21, 24m

    Lauren Hlubny and Emily Bishai, Stage Director
    Beau Dream and Whitney George, Conductor and Music Director

    Cendrillon — Show Cast List

    August 21, 24m
    Le Baron de PictorduBrian Alvarado
    Marie, called CendrillonMaKayla McDonald
    ArmelindeJessica Harika
    MaguelonneKristina Malinauskaite
    La FéeHeather Bobeck
    Le Prince CharmantCory Gross
    Le Comte BarigouleTyler Dobies

    Mary, Queen of Scots — Show Cast List

    August 21, 24m
    Mary, Queen of ScotsLisa Faieta
    James Stewart, Earl of MorayConnor Lidell
    James Hepburn, Earl of BothwellGabriel Hernandez
    Lord GordonJonathan Harris
    Mary Seaton

    Mrs. President — Show Cast List

    August 21, 24m
    Victoria WoodhullAnna Woiwood
    Henry Ward BeecherGeddy Warner
    Joseph TreatTyler Dobies
    Elizabeth TiltonRobin Clifford
    Isabella BeecherAddie Rose Forstman

    Les Boulangers

    August 17m

    *denotes world premiere

    * “Selons…” (for Addie Rose Forstman) by Martha Sullivan, texts by Zhang Ruoxu, translated into French by Judith Gautier from Le Livre de Jade
    Addie Rose Forstman, soprano; Edward Forstman, piano

    Selections from “Clarières dans le ciel” Lili Boulanger
    texts by Francis Jammes
    Alessandra Altieri, soprano; Robin Clifford, soprano; Rebecca Richardson, soprano; Edward Forstman, piano

    Lieder of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel & Clara Schumann
    Megan Vanacore, soprano; Geddy Warner, tenor; Melyn Saenz, soprano; Christopher Fotis, baritone; Tyler Dobies, tenor; Caitlyn Koester, piano

    * “Laugh of the Medusa” by Barrett Cobb, text by Marcy Jellison
    Clara Lisle, soprano; Beau Dream, piano

    Fünf Lieder by Alma Mahler
    Connor Lidell, baritone; Merav Eldan, mezzo soprano

    Selections from “Les heures claires” by Nadia Boulanger and Raoul Pugno, texts by Emile Verhaeiren
    Ilanna Starr, mezzo soprano; Micaela Aldridge, mezzo soprano; Stephanie Feigenbaum, mezzo soprano; Ji Hea Hwang, piano

    * “The Sphinx” by Ellen Mandel, text by Jean Cocteau, translated by Albert Bermel
    Anna Woiwood, soprano; Chris Fecteau, piano

    Creative Team & Production Staff

    Joo Kim, Scenic Designer
    Dante Olivia Smith, Lighting Designer
    Claire Townsend, Costume Designer
    Steven Brenman, Technical Director
    Maggie Snell, Production Manager