2018 Festival: Mozart & Salieri

    Festival dates: August 11–26

    Season Venues: Summer Shares at La MaMa; Evenings at 7:30 pm, Matinees at 2:00 pm;

    Opera’s greatest rivals, or Opera’s greatest co-workers?  Mozart and Salieri simultaneously served as important musicians in the Viennese Court Theater for years in the late 18th century, alongside their colleague, librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte.  During the festival, we told the story of two of opera’s most famous rivals (or most productive colleagues!).  Don Giovanni, Mozart’s iconic operatic #metoo tale was paired with Salieri’s playful La Cifra (The Code)… a hidden gem of an opera about a hidden gem of a young woman.  The repertory season encompassing 13 total performances also included “Vignettes from Vienna,” a scenes program featuring not only works by the two Vienna court composers, but also Rimsky-Korsakov’s one-act opera Mozart & Salieri (based on a short Pushkin play), bringing the two composers to life (and one “to death”) on stage.  On the penultimate day of the festival, Sacred & Profane: Songs and Ephemera gathered religious and sacrilegious works of both composers in an afternoon recital including “Per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia” – a cantata written jointly by Mozart, Salieri, and “Cornetti” with a libretto by Da Ponte, plus magnificent songs of Mozart, a canon of Salieri, and other rarities both sublime and ridiculous.

    Don Giovanni

    August 11, 12m, 17, 19m, 23, 25

    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    Owen Horsley, Stage Director
    Chris Fecteau and Chris Whittaker, Conductor and Music Director

    Show Cast List

    August 11, 19m, 23August 12m, 17, 25
    Don GiovanniEric LindseyCole Grissom
    LeporelloJonathan Harris
    Donna AnnaJenny LindseyAngel Azzarra
    Donna ElviraJessica MirshakStephanie Kim Johnson
    Don OttavioMorgan ManifacierGabriel Hernandez
    ZerlinaElyse KakacekSarahAnn Duffy
    MasettoNobuki MommaSung Shin
    CommendatoreHector MoriWill Esch

    La cifra

    August 18, 22, 24, 26m

    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    Bea Goodwin, Stage Director
    Catherine O'Shaughnessy, Conductor and Music Director

    Show Cast List

    August 18, 22, 24, 26mCover Cast
    Milord Gualtier FidelingTimothy StoddardCharles Calotta
    EurillaRachel BarkerHeather Bobeck
    LisottaAllison GishNicholle Bittlingmeyer
    SandrinoJay ChaconIan Joyal
    LeandroStephen SteffensVincenzo Catarisano
    RusticoneAngky BudiardjonoAndrew Dwan

    Vignettes from Vienna

    August 20, 21

    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    Whitney George, Conductor and Music Director

    Così fan tutte — Show Cast List

    August 20, 21
    FiordiligiHeather Bobeck
    FerrandoVincenzo Catarisano
    GuglielmoJay Chacon
    DespinaNicholle Bittlingmeyer
    Don AlfonsoIan Joyal

    Falstaff [Salieri] — Show Cast List

    August 20, 21
    Mrs. FordElyse Kakacek
    Mrs. SlenderInbal Milliger
    Mr. SlenderJay Chacon
    Mr. FordCharles Calotta
    FalstaffHector Mori
    BardolfoWill Esch

    Mozart & Salieri — Show Cast List

    August 20, 21Cover Cast
    MozartGabriel HernandezMorgan Manifacier
    SalieriNobuki MommaJonathan Harris

    Le nozze di Figaro — Show Cast List

    August 20, 21
    FigaroJay Chacon
    CountessMaria Servodidio
    CountSung Shin
    CherubinoSarahAnn Duffy

    Sacred & Profane: Songs & Ephemera of Mozart & Salieri

    August 25, 2018 at 2 pm

    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    Sacred & Profane
    Songs and Ephemera of and inspired by Mozart & Salieri

    Cantata per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia Salieri, Mozart, Cornetti(?) / Da Ponte
    Nichole Bittlingmeyer, mezzosoprano
    Nicholas Burkel, cello
    Chris Fecteau, harpsichord

    ‘Birthday’ Canon’ “Zum Geburtstag kommen wir” A. Salieri / W. Kuhlbrodt
    Charlie Calotta, Stephen Steffens, Sam Strickland, three tenors

    Ode “Deh, si piacevoli, no, non spirate” by A. Salieri / Librettist unknown
    Maria Servodidio, soprano; Nicholas Burkel, cello; Chris Fecteau, harpsichord

    Mass in C minor W. A. Mozart / the Latin Mass setting
    Gloria: “Quoniam”
    Jenny Lindsey, soprano; Jessica Mirshak, mezzosoprano; Morgan Manifacier, tenor
    Credo: “Et incarnatus est”
    MaKayla MacDonald, soprano
    Lucas Barkley, piano

    Variations on “La stessa, la stessissima” by Antonio Salieri Ludwig van Beethoven
    Levi Vutipadadorn, piano; Elyse Kakacek, Mistress Ford; Inbal Milliger, Mistress Slender

    Four Mozart Lieder
    “Das Veilchen” W. A. Mozart / Goethe
    Inbal Milliger, mezzosoprano
    Andrea Howland Myers, mezzosoprano
    Sam Strickland, tenor
    Dura Jun, piano

    “La Passione di nostro Padre Gesu Cristo” by Antonio Salieri / Metastasio
    Recitative and Aria (Peter) “Ingratissimo Pietro… Giacché mi tremi in seno”
    Aria (Magdalene) “Potea qual pianto”
    Duet (Magdalene and Peter) “Vi sento, o Dio”
    Recitative and Aria (Giuseppe di Arimatea) “Qual terribil vendetta… All’idea de’ tuoi perigli”
    Elyse Kakacek, Magdalene
    Charles Calotta, Peter
    Sung Shin, Giuseppe di Arimatea
    Charles Calotta, tenor
    Sung Shin, baritone
    Chris Fecteau, piano

    “Abendempfindung” by W. A. Mozart
    Allison Gish, mezzo soprano
    Levi, Vutipadadorn, piano

    Program curated by Chris Fecteau
    Artistic Director, DELL’ARTE OPERA ENSEMBLE

    Creative Team & Production Staff

    Matthew Iacozza, Scenic Designer
    Dante Olivia Smith, Lighting Designer
    Claire Townsend, Costume Designer
    Madison Lane, Production Manager