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    at The Rose Nagelberg Theater

    Rod Gomez, Stage Director
    Chris Fecteau, Conductor and Music Director

    dell’Arte Opera Ensemble proudly presents the East Coast premiere of the new opera Juana based on the novel “Juana’s Second Dream” by Alicia Gaspar de Alba.  Composer Carla Lucero has set the Spanish-language libretto by Gaspar de Alba and Lucero with evocative colors and a moving narrative voice. The opera tells the story fo Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a 17th century feminist genius whose life was marked by repeated conflict with men of the Inquisition, despite the friendship and protection of two successive Spanish vicereines and the fame brought by her own published writings.  She was an accomplished theologian, poet author, composer, artist and architect, and favorite of the Spanish colonial court, yet her fame and brilliance eventually led to her suppression.


    Cast ACover Cast
    Sor Juana Inés de la CruzLuisamaria HernandezKayla Faccilongo
    El AlmaJeffrey MandelbaumRobert Colon
    The Vicereine (La Condesa)Anna WoiwoodFrancesca Federico
    The Viceroy/FiscalJames DannerJames DannerStefan Barner
    Sor Andrea/Mother AndreaSigal ChenFrancesca Federico
    Padre AntonioBrian Alvarado
    The Bishop of Puebla/Sor FiloteaGeddy WarnerTyler Dobies
    The ArchbishopWill EschRick Agster
    Madre MelchoraRachel BargAndrea Howland Myers
    Sor RafaelaJessica HarikaFlavia Darcie
    Don Carlos/Court ClerkAlonso Jordan LopezShane Brown

    Creative Team

    James Danner — Men in Shadows
    Will Esch — Men in Shadows