Staff Opportunities


    dell’Arte Opera Ensemble is now accepting applications for staff and internship opportunities with the company for the 2019 summer festival season. Compensation for staff positions is modest, and participation in internships is usually voluntary, depending on experience within the field.

    dell’Arte Opera Ensemble’s productions are focused, simple, direct and specific. The successful applicant for our staff understands that modest resources should be an inspiration for creativity, not a limitation on it. Positive, enthusiastic, hard-working attitude is a must.  Positions and this season’s availability are as follows:

    STAGE DIRECTORS (2 modestly paid positions, 1 available)
    Creative, positive, focused and organized candidates will be responsible for staging a production in black-box style (minimal sets and props to concentrate story-telling on the singer-actors), working with musical, design, and technical staff, and leading a cast with varied levels of experience (usually at least a bachelor’s degree, but ranging all the way to Met roster artists). Significant directing experience required, preferably in opera, though some applicants from other areas have been accepted in the past.  Stage Directors are also guided and mentored by industry professionals.

    ASST. STAGE DIRECTORS (2 modestly paid positions, both open)
    Enthusiastic, positive, focused and organized candidates will have a chance to work with more experienced colleagues on a mainstage production, gaining valuable production experience. In addition, candidates chosen to participate will serve as Stage Director for a portion of the scenes program. Some directing experience, preferably in opera, is a must. Successful work in these positions may lead to principal level directing assignments with dell’Arte in the future.

    CHORUS MASTER (1 modestly paid position; usually combined with Rehearsal Pianist or Assistant Conductor)
    The successful candidate will have choral conducting experience (opera experience a bonus), excellent rehearsal skills, solid Italian diction proficiency, ability to motivate young singers, and enthusiasm for craft and process.

    REHEARSAL/PERFORMANCE PIANISTS (3 modestly paid positions: 2 mainstage and 1 scenes; 2 positions open)
    Depending on experience, these positions may be at an apprentice level, but we generally seek highly technically proficient pianists for these positions. Candidates will have excellent aptitude for quickly mastering challenging orchestral reductions, ability to work with a conductor, possess a friendly, easy-going attitude, and enthusiasm for the repertoire. Some opera experience is recommended. Guidance and mentorship is offered in the realization of orchestral reductions, coaching, and/or conducting.

    GUEST CONDUCTORS (2 positions open this season – ONE [mainstage]: early Baroque leadership and playing experience required and TWO [leading the scenes program] rehearsal pianist experience a major plus)
    Candidates should have at least some conducting experience in opera. Coaching experience and ability is a plus. Italian or French language ability a plus.

    ASSISTANT CONDUCTORS (2 modestly paid positions; none available this season)
    Candidates should have some significant conducting experience, though not necessarily in opera. Those chosen will have opportunities to conduct during staging rehearsals, and if qualified, will serve as cover conductor in case of illness of the conductor. Affinity for vocal music and working with singers is a must.  Other duties such as backstage conducting, chorus master duties or supertitle operation may also be assigned as appropriate. If qualified, some pianist duties may be assigned and compensated.

    COSTUME DESIGNER (1 or 2 modestly paid positions; none available this season)
    Designer(s) will be responsible for working with Stage Directors under the supervision of the Artistic Director, Production Manager and Managing Director to design and execute costumes or one or more productions for the season.

    COSTUME ASSOCIATE/COSTUME ASSISTANT (1 or 2 modestly paid positions; at least one open this season)
    Costume Associate / Assistant will aid the Costume Designer(s) in execution, maintenance, repair and cleaning of costumes for the two mainstage productions of the season. The associate may be involved in coordination of costumes for the “scenes” program.

    PRODUCTION/SET/PROJECTIONS DESIGNER (1 modestly paid positions; open this season
    Designer will be responsible for working with Stage Directors under the supervision of the Artistic Director, Production Manager and Managing director in creating and executing the production design (simple sets/carefully selected or constructed props) for one or more productions for the season.

    PROPERTY MASTER (1 modestly paid position: may be combined with Production/Set Designer or Associate; position open this season)
    Property Master will work with the Stage Directors and Production/Set Designer to source or build props for the three productions of the season.

    STAGE MANAGERS (2 modestly paid positions; one open this season)
    Enthusiastic, positive, focused and organized candidates will be responsible for coordinating production aspects of a mainstage production. Signficant Stage Management experience, (not necessarily in opera), is a must.

    ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER (2 modestly paid positions open this season)
    Assistant Stage Manager will work directly with the Production Stage Managers to assist with room duties, scheduling and other paperwork; they may run the lighting board or props during the run of show; ASMs will serve as Stage Managers for the Scenes Program and Recital.

    PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS (1 – 3 internship positions available)
    Assistant Stage Manager / Production assistants may, depending upon skills and qualifications, assist with scheduling and other organizational office duties, run supertitles, usher, assist with box office, serve liason with front of house, assist with social media and other advertising, etc. Candidates may have a wide range of skills, or simply be interested in learning more about opera production.

    DRAMATURGY ASSISTANT (1 internship position; OR an be combined with Assistant Stage Director; position available this season)Dramaturgy Assistant will work with Stage Directors on dramaturgical research, work with the Artistic Director to create (and possibly run) supertitles, give pre-show talks, and otherwise participate in the dramatic life of the festival.

    PR (PUBLIC RELATIONS) ASSISTANT (1 internship position)
    PR assistant will assist our professional PR Director and may, depending upon interest and qualifications, write or assist in writing press releases, create other PR materials (posters, brochures, mini-videos), etc. Writing and graphics skills a plus. The successful applicant will also be a large part of our social media campaign.

    Candidates for all the above positions should submit a letter outlining their interest, a resume, and at least 2 references that we may contact directly. Interviews for qualified candidates will be scheduled as applications are received, and paid positions will likely be filled by November 1. Internship positions will be filled as quailified applicants are found. Previous employees or internship participants of dell’Arte need only send a letter of interest to be considered. Email submissions should be sent to and followed up with materials sent by US mail to:

    Christopher Fecteau, Artistic Director
    dell’Arte Opera Ensemble
    255 Cabrini Blvd. #5H
    New York, NY 10040