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    Production Calendar (google calendar link)
    Contact Sheet

    DON GIOVANNI   Wiki-translation
    LA CIFRA  Wiki-translation
    COSI FAN TUTTE  Wiki-translation
    LE NOZZE DI FIGARO  Wiki-translation
    FALSTAFF  Wiki-translation

    Official Scores:
    Don Giovanni: Edited Barenreiter with cuts marked (for reference only); Vienna Version Adjustments
    La Cifra: unpublished ed. by C.Fecteau (Act IAct 2; both updated 7/18 ERRATA PAGE
    Mozart & Salieri: Belaieff (plate number 1617)
    Salieri Falstaff scenes from Act I TBD by 3/22, ed. by C. Fecteau
    Mozart: Nozze, Cosi
    Salieri Cosi fragment: unpublished ed. by C.Fecteau:  PV (revised 7/16)  Full Score

    Important 2018 Dates/Locations

    Italian Classes w/ Lucy Yates COMPLETED – review material to be posted below
    Rafforzamenti handout

    Recitative Classes w/ Chris Fecteau COMPLETED

    Character through Movement and Text w/ Chuck Hudson (5 sequential classes)  COMPLETED

    Russian Coaching w/ Karina Azatyan (for Rimsky-Korsakov “Mozart & Salieri”)
    Tuesday, May 15: 3 – 5 p.m. 255 Cabrini Blvd. #5H  Introduction to Russian Diction
    Saturday, May 19, 6:30 – 8:30  Brooklyn Studio of Ms. Azatyan (Salieri only)

    Sunday, May 20: 7 – 9 p.m. Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th St., PH9 (Mozart and Salieri)
    Monday, May 28: 7 – 9 p.m. Pearl Studios, 500 8th Ave. Studio #308  (Mozart and Salieri)
    Wednesday, May 30: 7 – 9 p.m. Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th St., PH9 (Mozart and Salieri)

    CIFRA REFERENCE MATERIALS from Director Brittany Goodwin:

    “This is the Broadway Tony performance so its the opening & like the big hit from the show Run Freedom Run (ay tenors, I’m looking at you to be Bobby Strong!)
    Anywho- REALLY take note of Lockstop’s (the cop in the opening) gestures- the nuances with his hands, what he choses to accent, the choreography of closing the sunglasses, all of that is just PERFECTLY timed.
    Once they get to the Run Freedom Run- Id love for you to observe the function of the ensemble & how while each one of them have an individual quirky point of view, they are SEAMLESS in their energies with one another. They really read as a pack. In our group numbers, this will be imperative. Thats why we’ll be starting out rehearsals with the Le Coq 7 levels of tension exercise to get us moving like that together!
    I’d also like to point out – all they have are stools.
    No glitzy glamorous set or effects. Its all THEM. THAT is a beautiful thing.”

    THE 39 STEPS:
    “Remember when I said 4 actors taking on 80+ personalities. Its really 140 according to Playbill. Holy crap, right?
    Please look at how they create movement & atmosphere again, with just little bits of props (the wind blowing on his scarf- the snow- the cars/train) they COMMIT TO THE ACTION that its silly and crazy and THATS what makes it funny.
    Theres a little montage in the beginning then we get into longer clips- AGAIN, note the TIMING of the execution. Timing is EV-ER-Y-THING. Thats why I’ve been coming to recit sessions so I can gauge the comedic timing these musical moments need to live in.
    The shtick when he takes off the garter- watch twice. Once, watch the choreography of the moment, then watch only his face.”

    Send email to with 2 – 3 specific choices for EACH of your coachings, spread out over the next 10 weeks or so; if your work progresses quickly and you are well prepared for each session, more coachings will be granted for additional polishing work. The coaching allotment is a minimum. All coachings at my studio:  255 Cabrini Blvd. #5H; corner of 187th. A train to 181st (north/front end); elevator on the right after the turnstiles up to Ft. Washington Ave.; exiting station go right (north) 1 long block to 187th; left on 187th one short block to intersection – building is on the right – phone: 917 232-6273

    Fri. June 1:  3
    Sat. June 2:  5
    Sun. June 3: 3
    Mon. June 4:  —
    Tues. June 5:  3, 5:30
    Weds. June 6: 11, 1:30, 3, 5:30
    Thurs. June 7: 11, 5:30
    Fri. June 8: 3
    Sat. June 9: 12, 1:30
    Sun. June 10: 1:30
    Mon. June 11:  1:30, 3, 5:30
    Tues. June 12:  3
    Weds. June 13: 11, 1:30, 3, 5:30
    Thurs. June 14: 11, 1:30, 3
    Fri. June 15: 11, 1:30, 3


    archived 2017 information

    Early Baroque Style Class    VIDEO Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV
    Charlie’s Style Handout   –   17th Century Musical/Rhetorical Cliches
    Great website for Baroque resources: Toronto Continuo Collective

    Italian Classes w/ Lucy Yates:  Saturdays, April 1, 8, 15 — 11 – 2 p.m. @ 255 Cabrini Blvd. #5H
    Class 1 VIDEO Sadly, audio failed
    Class 2 VIDEO  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
    Class 3 VIDEO  Part 1   Part 2 (labeled 3 on Youtube)  Part 3  (Youtube 4)  Part 4  (Youtube 5)
    Florio’s 1611 Italian/English Dictionary
    Archaic Italian Verb Forms
    Verb Mood Chart  
    PDF   –   PowerPoint
    Montessori Parts of Speech

    Czech “Boot Camp”
    Handouts:  Alphabet/Pronunciation  –   Vowel Length/Tongue Twisters    –   Dvorak: Písne milostné (Love Songs)
    Poetry reading (short/long vowels)  –   Kozena singing Dvorak
    Online Czech Dictionary
    Recommended Recording (for Czech) Mackerras (cond.)/Popp (Vixen)
    Class 1 VIDEO Part I  Part II   Part III   Part IV
    Class 2 VIDEO  Part 1    Part 2   Part 3     Part 4
    Class 3 VIDEO Part I  Part II  Part III   Part IV

    Other Resources


    Individual Coachings

    Production Logistics

    Costume Measurement Worksheet
    Bios Style Sheet

    2016 Resources

    Prevost, Manon Lescaut (Waddell translation, 1935) Book I  Book II
    Murger, Scenes de la Vie de Boheme (Marriage/Selwyn transl., 1901) various formats
    Kushner: Erotic Exchanges: The World of Elite Prostitution in Eighteenth Century Paris (Cornell University Press) Amazon listing (Victoria Crutchfield’s recommended reading at least for Manon, Poussette, Javotte, Rosette)

    Nicholas John, Violetta and Her Sisters (Faber & Faber, 1994)  Full text (PDF)
    “How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion” (Smithsonian magazine)
    Splendeurs et Miseres (overview of the Musee d’Orsay exhibition “L’art de prostitution”)

    Manon Resources from Victoria!

    The Draughtsman’s Contract on YouTube – this is a little earlier than our period (the wigs for men by 1730 are muuuuuch smaller), but it is still a good reference for movement.A scene from Barry Lyndon on YouTube – this is exactly our period!
    The Elegant Art of Movement by Alicia Annas (excerpts)
    Victoria’s Pinterest board of Rococo poses – still images can be helpful too, although many of these are a little later than our period.

    Italian Resources

    Scioglilingua Exercise (tongue twisters for fun and practice)

    Grammar references

    Big Green Book of Italian Verbs by Katrin Maes-Christie and Daniel Franklin Marcello Sensini.
    Grammar and Translation for the Italian Libretto by Richard M. Berrong. Excalibur Publishing. 1996.
    Grammatica italiana.  Milano: Mondador Scuola. 1990
    Archaic Italian Verb Forms

    Location for Classes and Rehearsals:

    • 255 Cabrini Blvd. #5H (Chris Fecteau’s home/studio): DIRECTIONS: A train to 181st (front/north of train); elevator up to Fort Washington Ave.; exiting the station, go right one long block; left on 187th one short block; building on the right under scaffolding is ours!  917 232-6273
    • 353 Studios = 353 W. 48th St., 2nd Floor
    • Alvin Ailey Studios = 405 W. 55th St. (ask at desk for studio #)
    • Shetler Studios = 244 W. 54th St., 12th Floor
    • City Center = 130 W. 56th St., 4th Floor
    • Pearl Studios, 519 and 520 8th Ave. (various floors)

    Bios and Headshots due May 1

    Please send BOTH in one email if possible.
    – Before submitting your bio, please refer to our STYLE SHEET. We may exercise the option to return your bio for editing. Bio must be written to refer BACKWARDS from August 12, 2017 (projects occurring between now and then should be referred to in past tense). Final version will have approval right by artist.
    – Headshots (preferably vertical/portrait layout) should be in .jpg format, as high-resolution as you have. We reserve the right to crop and edit as necessary for the program book; photos generally posted ‘as-is’ on the website.