Audition FAQ

    1. What are the casting requirements for this summer’s program?

    The program is designed primarily to help singers by providing opportunities to prepare and perform roles with a process that they can then apply to the rest of their professional careers. We select the repertoire with a broad range of criteria, including appropriateness of the roles for vocal, stylistic and dramatic development.

    Please see the 2020 Casting Breakdown for detailed information about roles being cast for the season.

    2. Are there any costs associated with the program? Are singers paid?

    Beyond the application fee, there are no fees associated with the program. Transportation, housing and meals are not arranged or paid for by the company. Singers may elect to purchase video recordings of the productions they are in. Modest stipends (ranging from $400 – $1000) are available. The application fee includes a pianist for the audition (and call-back if necessary).

    3. There is a role I’ve done in concert (or in English, or in scenes) that I’d like to do in a more complete setting. Am I still eligible to be cast in this role?

    Especially in leading roles, we consider any ‘head-start’ you may have on a role to be an asset. If the experience with dell’Arte can move your work forward and still be considered a complete, staged, original language role debut, you are eligible to participate.

    4. How many audition pieces do you want to hear? Who determines the first choice?

    We will hear at least one aria from each applicant. If time permits and the preliminary selection warrants, a second aria or portion of an aria may be requested. Most of the time, you will choose your first selection, but the panel may ask for an alternate if they feel it will better serve the purposes of the audition.

    5. What languages must my aria choices represent?

    Singers should provide at least one aria in Italian, and at least one other aria in another language. In general, we expect you to offer 3 – 5 arias representing the broad spectrum of your abilities; however, younger singers may bring as few as two arias or an aria and an art song.

    We encourage you to bring material from any operas for which you wish to be considered only if is a polished representation of your work.

    We highly encourage applicants to bring repertoire which shows the best possible balance between singing and acting work. (Examples of arias which we discourage: “Doll” Song, Rusalka’s Song to the Moon, “The trees on the mountain”)

    6. When will I hear if I’m called back or cast?

    If call-backs is necessary, we will give you as much notice as possible. If you are from out of town, considerations will be made for the difficulty of travel, sometimes by hearing an extra aria in the first round audition. We make every effort to notify all applicants of their status by April 1.

    7. May I send my application materials by e-mail?

    All applications will be received through YAPTracker. Please do not send ANY materials via e-mail.