DELL’ARTE OPERA ENSEMBLE was created to provide emerging opera artists with training and performance opportunities necessary to bridge the gap between the conservatory and a flourishing career. Each season enables the singing artists we choose to follow the full arc of preparation from audition, through individual preparation and rehearsals, to performances, with support and guidance at every step, all TUITION FREE. The emphasis is on “learning by doing”, backed by the philosophy that superior craft creates great art. We emphasize the creation and integration of all your skill sets into a solid process you can use to support your work through an entire career. We do our best to provide singers with a comprehensive professional-level context for effective collaboration with the highest expectations and standards.

    The implementation of the Opera Leaders Mentorship Program in 2016 broadened our focus to include the development of emerging operatic leaders in stage direction, stage management, design (scenic, lighting, and costume), as well as coaching and conducting.

    There is no age limit for our programs, but participating singers tend to be 21 – 35 years old. We cast and hire without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.  Diversity brings varied perspectives, crucial to the future of opera.