2019: ‘Voices from the Tower’ Festival

    August 10–26
    Summer Shares at La MaMa

    66 East 4th Street (btw Bowery & 2nd Ave)

    Our 2019 Festival celebrates the powerful presence, contributions, and leadership of women in opera from its very origins.  To bookend this story, we offer Francesca Caccini’s 1625 opera La liberazione di Ruggiero, the first opera by a woman, and the LATEST opera by women: Princess Maleine, by composer Whitney George and librettist Bea (Brittany) Goodwin.

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    La liberazione di Ruggiero

    August 10, 11m, 15, 17, 23, 25m

    Sarah Young, Stage Director
    Charles Weaver, Conductor and Music Director


    Show Cast List

    August 10, 15, 25mAugust 11m, 17, 23
    RuggieroMarkel ReedNobuki Momma
    AlcinaHeather JonesMerav Eldan
    MelissaIlanna StarrStephanie Feigenbaum
    NettunoConnor LidellBrian Alvarado
    PastoreCory GrossChristopher Fotis
    SirenaRobin CliffordAlessandra Altieri
    Una dama disincantataHeather BobeckRebecca Richardson
    NunziaClara LisleMicaela Aldridge
    AstolfoTyler DobiesTyler Dobies

    Princess Maleine

    August 16, 18m, 20, 22, 24

    Bea Goodwin, Stage Director
    Chris Fecteau and Whitney George, Conductor and Music Director

    Show Cast List

    August 16, 18m, 20, 22, 24
    MaleineElyse Kakacek
    Prince Hjalmar of YsselmondeEric Lindsey
    Queen AnneLiz Bouk
    Aleta, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess MaleineNicholle Bittlingmeyer
    The FoolJeffrey Mandelbaum
    Petit Allan, son of Queen Anne of JutlandMegan Vanacore
    Angus, Prince Hjalmar's lieutenantMatthan Black
    Princess Ursula of JutlandMakayla McDonald

    Scenes from the Tower – by P. Viardot, T. Musgrave and V. (Bond)

    August 21, 24m

    Lauren Hlubny and Emily Bishai, Stage Director


    Mary, Queen of Scots

    Mrs. President

    Les Boulangers

    August 17m

    Creative Team & Production Staff

    Dante Olivia Smith, Lighting Designer
    Claire Townsend, Costume Designer