Emily Hughes – Sondheim “Being Alive”

    Quaran-greetings from alum Emily Hughes

    click to watch (YouTube): “Being Alive”
    This song has always been a favorite of mine, but since the role is sung by a man I’ve never had the chance to sing it! I’ve been missing being onstage lately, so I’ve been taking this time to explore music and characters I’m interested in, but that I haven’t yet had reason to look at. In this moment in the musical, the protagonist, Bobby, a perpetual bachelor just turning 35, realizes it really is worth it to let someone into your life and into your heart, despite the pain it can cause, because this is what gives our life meaning. This really spoke to me, especially in the present moment, because I think we are all realizing more how much we really depend on each other both personally and as a society. People are reaching out to their friends more often and finding new ways to connect. A crisis often puts into sharper relief what is truly important in life, and my hope is that this time we’re going through can be a reminder that it is the people we love and the way we “show up” for those people that gives our life meaning and purpose.
    Emily Hughes