Website Basics: Project Personnel

    Once you have all the “peoples” of the season roster in the system, and a “project” record for each piece of “repertoire” in the season, it’s time to connect the people with their roles.

    ONLY undertake this action for named roles in principal or cover casts
    Do NOT make entries for “study covers”, “ensemble”, “chorus”, “coro”.For the singers who have both a role and an ensemble assignment, only post the role.

    – dashboard/project/project personnel- add new
    – project: enter name of opera (autofill – make sure it says 2020)
    – person: enter name of person (autofill)
    – rep role: start typing name of OPERA, then scroll through roles until you get to the one you want, and select
    – role: only fill out if it’s some special role that is added just for this production
    – notes: leave blank- cast assignment: cast A / cast B (covers are cast B)
    – personnel type: singers are all “performer” (the default)
    – PUBLISH!