Artist Biography Style Points

    Please follow these guidelines when generating your bio for our programs and website. We reserve the right to edit your bio for length, consistency, style, and ease of reading.

    1. Principal vocal artist and principal staff bios should be around 200 words.  Secondary vocal artist and staff bios should be around 150 words.
    2. Please avoid clichés like “…is quickly establishing him/herself as…” “Equally at home in…” “Thrilled to be…” “No stranger to…” “A champion of new music”
    3. We rarely include review pull-quotes in program bios.  Brief press quotes will be published ONLY from major outlets (e.g. NYTimes, Opera News).
    4. Any “shout-outs,” family thank-yous, or non-career related information should be limited to one brief sentence at the end.
    5. Our company name should be formatted as follows: dell’Arte Opera Ensemble. YES, small “d” no space after the apostrophe, capital “A” “O” “E”  Please also note this for your resume.
    6. All opera titles and titles of musicals should be appear in bold face. Titles of works from other genres (Oratorio, etc) should appear in italics.
    7. Titles of works/roles should be listed in the language in which they were performed (i.e. Hänsel und Gretel if sung in German, and Hansel and Gretel if sung in English).
    8. For English titles, the first and last words are capitalized, as well as any words in the middle that are not short prepositions, articles, or conjunctions.
    9. Please write your bio in full sentences, avoiding parentheses and colons as much as possible. Thus, please use: “She has sung the title role in Tosca, the Pirate King in Pinafore, and Iago in Othello.” rather than “Roles include: Harlekin (Ariadne auf Naxos), Manon (Manon Lescaut) and Königin der Nacht (Die Zauberflöte).”
    10. For foreign language titles, capitalize the first word and any proper nouns (or nouns functioning as proper nouns). Do not capitalize articles or prepositions. (e.g. La clemenza di Tito)
    11. For German titles, capitalize the first word and every noun. (e.g. Die Frau ohne Schatten)
    12. For French titles, capitalize the first word, any proper nouns (or nouns functioning as proper nouns), and any adjectives modifying a capitalized noun. (e.g. Les pêcheurs de perles; La jolie fille de Perth)